About us

We are a small WA based family run business who have a passion for all things natural! Less is more is our timeless motto and we focus on making quality natural products with non of the nasties the world has unfortunately become used to…

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Better together

Help us make a change. Part of the profits on every Windlily Co product sold goes to help out the less fortunate. If you know a local charity that needs a hand send it through so we can get intouch and see what we can do to help! 

For our clients

We also offer custom packaging designed and printed inhouse at no extra charge just a small minimum order. So if you are looking to get some branded products done you are in the right place!!


Spirit of collaboration

Utilizing a gorgeous botanic farm in Australias gorgeous South West we have teamed up with Thurlby herb farm to create some incredible and unique handmade products


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